Save time and money and take control of your IT assets with an accurate

IT Asset Management solution



Low Cost

IT Asset Management

Time is money. You don't want to spend it on administrating IT assets.

V-Track™ eliminates the cost of managing your IT assets from a financial and administrative perspective. Our fee is one of the lowest in South Africa and includes licensing, upgrades, customisation and an integrated IT Asset Management solution which is designed to suit your business.

With one fee, one solution – V-Track™  is the right IT Asset Management tool you need to save time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases through consistent review. This helps IT leaders make better decisions to ensure a return on investment.



Designed to provide you with a view of the consolidated data collected

from your IT assets.


The V-Track™ dashboard is a powerful, highly customisable, visual interface which provides you with the data you need to manage your IT assets accurately and effectively.


The dashboard offers a visual and graphic breakdown of data, showing you where your IT assets are, how the IT assets are being used, and who is using them. Every customer's dashboard can be customised to suit specific business requirements, and client learnings are used to further enhance and expand dashboard capability.


The V-Track™ dashboard also provides links to financial information, tracking data, location data and dynamic reporting. It can show how many IT assets have been seen in a set number of days, reveal the financial information attached to IT assets and allows for all data to be easily exported. The dashboard is designed to provide you with proactive IT Asset Management functionality within an easy to use interface


Financial Control

Link your IT asset financial records.

Summarise your financial data and incorporate it into your IT asset register.

V-Track™ clients can link financial records to tracked IT assets.The V-Track™ solution gathers all relevant financial information, records it and puts it at your fingertips, giving you a summarised view of your financial data.


The customisable dashboard also mitigates the need for excessive reporting, allowing your company to set financial reporting parameters which suit your processes and regulations.


The V-Track™ solution also links your IT assets to users and cost centre and you can upload the initial financial information and incorporate it into your IT asset register.


Depreciation charges can be tracked across IT assets and you can tailor various financial elements to support in-depth financial control. V-Track™ creates a dynamic IT Asset Management ecosystem which includes finance, data, compliance and control.

One Network,

All The IT Assets

Track all your IT assets in almost any location.


V-Track™ is one of the lightest agents on the market today – it has virtually no impact on bandwidth or network usage. It can be deployed in almost any location and within almost any bandwidth constraints, and can still track IT assets on your network.


Limited bandwidth? No problem – V-Track™ has been created for unique challenges around network capability and accessibility. Efficient and accurate, V-Track™ is resource friendly. Functionality and capability are constantly evolving to meet the unique demands of the South African business market.


We provide value by ensuring that the data that is relevant and important to your business is added to V-Track™ to give you a holistic view of your IT assets