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Hardware Lifecycle Management

V-Track™ provides you with the opportunity to manage your PC’s and servers throughout their hardware lifecycle by providing you with correct and updated information about your IT assets to equip you to make informed decisions


Track your hardware purchases from purchase number, vendor information, lease and warranty expiry date and department.


Once V-Track™ is installed, you will be able to know where your machines are deployed to, the users, machine serial number and the operating system name and version.


V-Track™ provides significant data to an organisation to assist with efficient asset management. The system conducts regular audits that keeps your records up-to-date and accurate


Our solution can generate reports that show you how long your assets have been in your environment. With this information you can determine whether it’s time to plan for an upgrade or migration.

Lifecycle management practices are required to improve the return on investment for IT assets, avoid internal and external audit consequences, and adopt future technology.


At V-Track™, our goal is to help organisations facilitate this process successfully in their environment.