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V-Track™ can be hosted on your premises or in the cloud depending on your preferences and circumstances


V-Track™ can be hosted on your premises or in the cloud depending on your preferences and circumstances

On Premise

V-Track™ has been designed to work seamlessly within various deployment strategies and is customisable to the different needs of our customers. Below are some of the ways V-Track™ can be deployed in an organisation:

1. Manual on each machine
A physical install can be copied from a network share or sent to the user via email.

2. Brute force push over IP range
A script can be set up which runs over a range of IP addresses and installs V-Track™ on each IP address. Devises will all need to be available for the execution of this method.

3. Active Directory Group Policy
An install package is added to a domain group and linked to specific group policy objects so the agent can be installed on start-up.

4. Deployment via SCCM or similar
Tools such as SCCM can handle software deployment across a range of machines. The MSI package can be deployed via SCCM in an environment controlled by tools such as SCCM or similar.

5. Pre-setup installation image
This is the typical choice when working with lease agreements and the assets are configured before delivery. Here, the pre-setup image for an operation system installation is already installed on the asset.



The ease of deployment of the V-Track™ cloud solution makes it great for any IT environment. We can take care of the hosting, storage and maintenance of your asset information on our cloud platform. All associated data is hosted on an external platform, providing more flexibility.

Due to use of advanced infrastructure and modern database technologies, our cloud solution’s performance is highly scalable, you will not be required to upgrade your hardware to ensure optimal performance.

We have various packages suitable for organisations of different sizes and budgets. Once V-Track™ is downloaded and deployed, you can view and access your asset information anywhere and anytime over the internet.

Speak to one of our consultants today to have your cloud asset tracking solution up and running in no time. Once installed, you will be able to start tracking and managing the IT assets in your environment.

We are here to help you answer your burning questions. Call us today and our team will guide you through the process.

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