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Save time and money and take control of your IT assets with an accurate

IT Asset Management solution


Most organisations often have difficulty identifying their IT assets, making it challenging to get a complete picture of your assets and how they are being used.

V-Track™, our goal is to help IT teams overcome these challenges with our IT asset management software that will keep track your IT assets in real-time, eliminating the inefficiencies of manual methods.

Here are some reasons why you should deploy V-Track™ in your environment today:

1. Local Software


Designed, developed and maintained locally, V-Track™ assures you of a swift service and has features created specifically for South African businesses. This IT asset tracking solution is scalable and affordable and it will provide you with automatic and efficient inventory management which can be adapted to fit the growing needs of your business.

2. Discovery and Tracking Tools

The effective tracking element of IT Asset Management requires two fundamental elements: Discovery and Tracking.

Both must be done in order to provide the data points necessary to deliver the Data & Analytics needed for effective IT Asset Management. Competitors, however, often only offer the discovery element of the asset tracking function, and neglect the vital tracking element, rendering IT Asset Management ineffective. At V-Track™, we provide that missing tracking element in order to fulfil the promise to deliver reliable IT solutions to our clients.     

3. Affordable Solution

V-Track™ eliminates the cost of managing your IT assets from a financial and administrative perspective. Our fee is one of the lowest in South Africa and includes licensing, upgrades, customisation and an integrated IT Asset Management solution which is designed to suit your business.

4. Light Agent Based Software

V-Track™ is one of the lightest agents on the market today – it has virtually no impact on bandwidth or network usage. It can be deployed in almost any location and within almost any bandwidth constraints, and can still track IT assets on your network.

V-Track™ has been created for unique challenges around network capability and accessibility. Efficient and accurate, V-Track™ is resource friendly.

5. Deploys within minutes

Corporate environments differ, as do the client opinions on roll out strategies. V-Track™ focuses heavily on deployment, making it effortless. Deployment can be unobtrusive to the user. V-Track™ has been developed to work with most deployment strategies. Successful and fast deployment means accurate information.

6. Risk and Compliance

Concerned with governance and compliance? The features built into V-Track™ are designed to support you in monitoring and managing compliance with ease. Concerned with risk? The solution will support you in reducing risk and IT asset component theft through safeguards, data and visibility. It will also let you know when there is a problem, reducing theft or loss when it happens, not when somebody eventually notices.

7. Hardware Lifecycle Management

V-Track™ provides you with the opportunity to manage your PC’s and servers throughout their hardware lifecycle by providing you with correct and updated information about your IT assets to equip you to make informed decisions: Learn more.


8. Secure


Our solution offers our clients peace of mind. V-Track™ has tight security measures in place and can be used to link financial records to tracked IT assets. The customisable dashboard mitigates the need for excessive reporting, allowing your company to set financial reporting parameters which suit your processes and regulations.

Why V-Track™ 

The simple way to track your IT assets


Access an efficient asset tracking tool that will audit, track and manage your IT assets in real time.

Do you have more questions? Our team is ready to answer them. 

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