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IT solutions are not complete until you have an end to end asset tracking system


Efficient IT Asset Tracking

We provide IT teams with the tools they need to effectively manage their IT estate with a cost effective, real-time asset tracking solution.

Access an end to end asset tracking system

We can save your IT department time and money by reducing tedious, manual data entry. An IT Asset Management database focuses on the centralised management of financial, contractual and physical (inventory) data of the IT assets in an organisation.

At V-Track™, we can present this data to you using our automating tool and reporting features.

If you’re still using spreadsheets or other manual methods to track your IT assets, it’s time to upgrade. Manually managing and tracking your IT assets is inefficient, time consuming and prone to human error. 


You need an efficient Asset Tracking tool to audit, track and manage your IT assets in real time, providing you with the valuable data you need to gain complete visibility of the position of your assets with an accurate database.

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Physical Data

  • Geo IP location

  • Network Location

  • Hardware Specifications

  • Software Configuration

  • Licensing Information

  • User Information

  • OEM Warranty Information.

  • Printers & peripherals connected to the devices and more.  


Collecting this information will provide you with an accurate picture of your IT assets, allowing IT to make smarter decisions that will save your organisation time and money. 


V-Track™ is an agent-based IT asset tracking solution that is pre-installed on the device to track your IT assets. After installation, it scans the network looking for IP addresses. Once located, it will run a scan on the IT assets in your environment tracking and collecting data on the current state of the devices such as:

Auto Discovery


Physical Data


Asset Tracking

By combining both the discovery and tracking component with V-Track™, we can give our clients a solution that is more effective at answering their IT asset management needs. Rather than offering a manual discovery process, which is often only run on a monthly or weekly basis, asset tracking initiates a near real-time communication process between the central monitoring system and each device.

This means that information is always up-to-date and accurate while removing the manual processes that are expected of those in control of asset management at the company.

V-Track™ also helps you manage your inventory effectively by facilitating your hardware lifecycle management processes. We provide you with the opportunity to manage your PC’s and servers throughout their hardware lifecycle by providing you with correct and updated information about your IT assets to equip you to make informed decisions.  

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Physical Data


V-Track™ has been designed to scale well in all types of organisations, providing a current and accurate overview of the entire IT environment. Naturally, this helps Asset Finance and IT managers make better decisions when it comes to upgrading the environment or when software compliance reports are required.


Gain asset visibility and stop guessing what assets you have deployed across your organisation. With our solution, you can identify which computers and devices are allocated to each staff member and what's installed on the devices. The system generates information across areas such as computer and host name, serial numbers, operating system name and version, hardware configuration and specification, and installed software applications.

Inventory Management 

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Physical Data


The V-Track™ dashboard offers a visual and graphic breakdown of data, showing you where your IT assets are, how the IT assets are being used, who is using them and identify which assets have been inactive for long periods of time and are therefore, likely missing or stolen.


V-Track™ links financial information, tracking data, and location data to provide dynamic reporting. Through the dashboard, you can view information attached to IT assets and it allows for data to be easily exported. The dashboard is designed to provide you with proactive IT Asset Management functionality within an easy to use interface. 


Every customer's dashboard can also be customised, and client learnings are used to further enhance and expand the dashboard's capability.

Customised Dashboard 

Financial Data

Complete Financial Control

V-Track™ clients can link financial records to tracked IT assets. The V-Track™ solution gathers all relevant financial information such as purchase price, number of assets purchased, make and model, depreciation, and cost center. Our solution records this information and puts it at your fingertips, giving you a summarised view of your financial data that you can incorporate into your IT asset register.

The customisable dashboard also mitigates the need for excessive reporting, allowing your company to set financial reporting parameters that suit your processes and regulations.

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Financial Data


Lease Contract Management

V-Track™ facilitates the ability to tie your contractual and financial obligations to your assets through a single easy to use user experience. We understand the complexities that can arise when an organisation’s leased IT assets are not managed effectively. When leasing IT assets, you need to know where they are to ensure that they are returned on time, and by the right person. We can track your IT assets across location, start and return dates, warranty dates, and status.

Lost assets can also be proactively managed and located to prevent the necessary end of term financial implications.​V-Track™ is a simple solution to a complex problem, and it specialises in assisting organisations to take control of their leased IT assets

Contractual Data

License Management

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in hybrid working models and an increase in technology investment. Many organisations acquired software licenses for various collaborative tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. At V-Track™, we can give you a bird's-eye view of the number of licenses in your environment. 

Our solution will provide you with details which will include quantity, license type, device count, and purchase price. This information will help the IT department to identify duplicate applications, unused or underused licenses placing you in a position to make the right financial decisions, to avoid making unnecessary purchases.

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