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Simplify your IT asset management with real-time tracking

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

One of the most difficult things to do as a large company is to keep track of the technology used by staff. When your devices reach the tens or hundreds, tracking and reporting on these devices becomes an incredibly laborious task.

Leading IT asset leasing business InnoVent, came up with a solution to this problem to ensure that it could keep tabs on the hardware it leased out. V-Track™, the solution it developed, is available as a stand-alone solution – meaning that businesses don’t need to lease equipment from InnoVent to use this powerful product.


V-Track™, a dynamic IT asset tracking solution which provides continuous and accurate monitoring services to businesses, stands out from traditional asset management platforms.

The service answers the same important questions most asset management solutions offer such as, where your equipment is and who is using it. This information provides numerous advantages, ranging from security benefits to ensuring that your equipment isn’t being misused

However, you can also perform a variety of more intricate investigations through V-Track™ such as checking warranty dates and managing start and end dates of rentals. This is all done through a powerful solution that by its very nature provides incredibly accurate data that many other products cannot match.

How it works

Most solutions currently implemented by businesses use asset discovery. This technology pings devices, which then return their current status and location. However, asset tracking – which V-Track™ offers – is substantially more intuitive than this. Rather than offering a manual discovery process, which is often only run on a monthly or weekly basis, asset tracking initiates a near real-time communication process between the central monitoring system and each device.

This means that information is always up-to-date and accurate, while removing the manual processes that are expected of those in control of asset management at the company.

“Often when you speak with a client, they say that they already have what we’re offering,” said Gareth David, Senior Lead Developer at InnoVent.

“The question is not whether they’ve got something to manage their assets, but rather whether the tool that they’ve got is effective in answering their needs.” Another benefit of the V-Track™ asset tracking platform is that everything can be managed from a single, central platform.

“This allows for easy decision making to take place for your major stakeholders,” said David.

These stakeholders include senior personnel in departments such as IT, Finance, Procurement, and Asset Management.

IT departments are often forced to supply different pieces of data to the other departments, and the entire process can become complex and stressful. With V-Track™, however, each department can simply use the centralised application and access the appropriate data. With V-Track™, a big weight is taken off the shoulders of IT staff.

Test it out

While V-Track™ is aware that many businesses have already procured tools for asset management, they’re so confident that their solution is more effective at answering customers’ needs that they offer a free 15-day proof of concept. This trial supports up to 15 assets and is obligation-free.

V-Track™ is designed to be valuable to a wide range of businesses due to its impressive scalability, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. This also makes it great for businesses that are growing fast, as they can increase their package with ease.

Request a proof of concept today and discover how easy it can be to implement extensive and powerful asset tracking


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